What are Sleep Profiles, how do they work?

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Fitbit Sleep Tracking Sleep Profile

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In mid-2022, Fitbit launched a brand new characteristic for its suite of sleep monitoring instruments included with Fitbit Premium. Referred to as Sleep Profile, this program screens your sleep for a full month. It then analyzes that information to supply what it calls a sleep phenotype, considered one of six varieties of sleep habits. Fitbit playfully represents the six phenotypes as animals: the bear, the dolphin, the giraffe, the hedgehog, the parrot and the turtle. Every month, the Fitbit app assigns you considered one of these animals and explains how your sleep habits led you to that choice.

When it launched, it appeared like a enjoyable addition to an already industry-leading suite of shopper sleep evaluation instruments. The truth is, many Fitbit customers could have written it off as a little bit of fluff. Nonetheless, it isn’t solely a useful gizmo for monitoring your sleep habits, it is also a breakthrough for sleep analysis typically.

I lately sat down with Fitbit Senior Analysis Scientist Karla Gleichauf to speak about sleep profiling. We talked about how Sleep Profile got here to be, why it is extra vital than she thinks, and what it may imply for the way forward for sleep evaluation.

Sleep Profile: How does it work?

Fitbit Sleep Tracking Sleep Profiles

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

All present Fitbit watches and trackers can pull in mountains of information whilst you sleep. Within the case of Fitbit’s newest flagship wearable, the Fitbit Sense, you’ll be able to observe your coronary heart fee, SpO2 readings, pores and skin temperature, and even when and whenever you snore. It could additionally observe whenever you fall asleep, whenever you get up, and all of the little begins and stops of your sleep through the evening.

Since 2019, the Fitbit app has sifted via all of this information and supplied you with a each day sleep rating. That is helpful, to make certain, however there was no instrument to see how properly you slept for longer durations of time. Do you all the time go to sleep on Sundays? Do you continuously get up through the week however sleep soundly on the weekend? Questions like these needed to be answered by the person reviewing their each day sleep information and making their very own judgements.

Fitbit assigns you an animal to present you an thought of ​​what sort of sleeper you might be.

Since Fitbit initially applied sleep monitoring, Karla Gleichauf and her staff have already been engaged on discovering a technique to take this duty off the person and current sleep habits in a macro sense. The staff was impressed early on by on-line quizzes, you already know, like those in buzz that let you know which Harry Potter home you belong to. Working with 5 sleep analysis consultants, Fitbit found a technique to cut back greater than 1,000 completely different sleeper attributes to simply six sleeper phenotypes and create an algorithm that may assign these varieties to customers.

What are the Fitbit Sleep Profile phenotypes?

As talked about, six animals characterize the sleep profile phenotypes:

  • Put on: Bears keep constant sleep schedules, falling asleep on the identical time each evening and reliably waking up within the morning. They have an inclination to have a excessive proportion of deep and REM sleep. Due to all this, bears are inclined to take naps occasionally.
  • Dolphin: Dolphins are inclined to go to mattress later than most and sleep for much less time. Due to these irregularities, dolphins are inclined to take frequent naps to atone for misplaced sleep.
  • Giraffe: Giraffes enter high quality sleep (deep and REM) sooner, however go to mattress later and get up sooner than most. In different phrases, they’re very environment friendly sleepers however nonetheless do not get sufficient sleep.
  • Sea urchin: Just like the giraffe, hedgehogs go to mattress late and get up early. Nonetheless, they are typically gentle sleepers, in order that they have much less deep and REM sleep because of this.
  • Parrot: Parrots are very according to bedtime. They do not sleep too early or too late. They are typically deep sleepers however expertise much less REM sleep than others. This is because of many temporary awakenings through the evening.
  • Tortoise: Turtles have a tendency to go to sleep at completely different occasions every evening, however more often than not they go to mattress early. Because of this they have a tendency to spend extra time in mattress than the typical individual. They sleep extra, nevertheless it takes longer for them to sleep soundly. Due to this, a tortoise may nonetheless want a nap even after spending the complete evening in mattress.

You might be questioning which animal finest describes your personal sleeping habits. Myself, I assumed I used to be a bear as a result of I observe a dependable sleep schedule and have usually been informed that I’m a really deep sleeper. But for 2 months straight, I’ve been phenotyped as a parrot. I appear to get up fairly often all through the evening, although typically so briefly that I do not keep in mind.

James Park, CEO of Fitbit, found that he’s a dolphin. Fitbit has additionally discovered that the Giraffe profile is the commonest amongst customers, which implies that most Fitbit customers get good high quality sleep shortly, however not sufficient.

Most Fitbit customers get good sleep, however not sufficient.

Nonetheless, a very powerful factor is that his animal phenotype isn’t inflexible. In any case, your sleeping habits could also be clean and regular this month, however subsequent month it could be wildly erratic for numerous causes: journey, household visits, being pregnant, and so forth. So Fitbit sleep monitoring would not simply keep watch over your sleep habits each day. and now month-to-month, however you may as well see a top-down view of her dream for a complete 12 months.

It might not look like it, however this might transform sleep analysis as a complete.

Fitbit sleep monitoring: unprecedented information

Fitbit sleep tracking Sleep profile Hours slept

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There are three important issues with conventional sleep analysis. After I say “conventional,” I imply getting a bunch of monitoring gear from the researchers after which sleeping whereas they depend the information.

The primary downside is that it is tough, to not point out costly, to persistently monitor a affected person’s sleep many nights in a row like this. Individuals solely have a lot time that they are keen to donate to analysis, so that you are inclined to get a couple of nights out of a affected person earlier than they transfer on. This results in the second downside, which is all kinds of sleepers. One or two nights of information from Particular person A mixed with one evening of information from Particular person B isn’t as helpful as a month of information from a single individual.

Fitbit has entry to sleep information that sleep researchers can solely dream of.

This results in the third downside, which is inserting folks in an unfamiliar setting. Even in the event you’re doing analysis from somebody’s house, you continue to want to make use of unfamiliar gear and know you are being monitored, which may have an effect on your sleeping habits. Mixed, all of this makes sleep analysis very difficult.

Confirm: Learn how to get began with Fitbit

Nonetheless, Fitbit doesn’t have to cope with these points. Individuals can sleep beneath regular circumstances with just one gadget on the wrist. You will get a ton of information persistently over weeks and months, assuming the person makes use of your tracker persistently. And Fitbit has hundreds of thousands of customers world wide. This is sort of a metaphorical hearth hose of sleep information being poured into Fitbit each day, information that conventional sleep researchers have by no means had entry to.

That is why Sleep Profile is not only a enjoyable novelty involving cartoon animals. In some methods, that is groundbreaking details about human sleep habits of a magnitude we have by no means seen earlier than.

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However what can we do with all this information?

Fitbit Sleep Tracking Sleep Profile Sleep Stats

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Fitbit has taken step one with Sleep Profile. Gleichauf defined to me that even the very thought of ​​phenotyping sleep habits is comparatively new. She mentioned the sleep analysis neighborhood has all the time hypothesized that there are several types of sleepers, however they did not have sufficient information to find out what number of, how they need to be categorized, and so forth. been attainable

In fact, phenotyping sleepers is useful, nevertheless it would not reply the actually vital questions on sleep. For instance, there may be proof that getting lower than six hours of sleep every evening is dangerous; it could actually improve the possibilities of most cancers and even loss of life for folks with kind 2 diabetes, for instance. But when that is the case, what’s a “good” dream? How a lot must you sleep every evening? What are you able to do to make your sleep higher? Is napping good or dangerous? Is it okay if I am a turtle or ought to I be a bear? How do I turn out to be a bear? These are all questions for which we have no idea the definitive reply.

We now have a ton of sleep information. Can we lastly reply the massive questions on sleep?

Gleichauf and Fitbit wish to reply these questions. Gleichauf’s hope is that at some point sooner or later, the Fitbit app can actively recommend adjustments you can also make to enhance your sleep. He additionally hopes Fitbit can again up these ideas with peer-reviewed information and analysis.

Do not forget that that is primarily uncharted territory. REM sleep wasn’t found till the Fifties, and sleep analysis as a complete did not actually get severe till the center of the twentieth century. In different phrases, now we have an extended technique to go with regards to understanding why we sleep, the advantages of sleep, and the best way to be wholesome along with your sleep habits.

In any case, we’re all sleeping for a couple of third of our lives. Should not we work to know that as a lot as attainable?

I hope the article roughly What are Sleep Profiles, how do they work? provides notion to you and is helpful for appendage to your data

What are Sleep Profiles, how do they work?


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