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Kieran Tierney was not seen on the Arsenal training before their Europa League match. Charles Watts spoke about Arsenal’s training absences. Also, players like Leandro Trossard and Eddie Nketiah missed training. Players continue to suffer from groin and ankle strain respectively. But there was another player who was conspicuously absent from training. Kieran Tierney missed Arsenal training. Also, the reporter wasn’t sure why Kieran Tierney wasn’t at training. However, it has now been confirmed that the player missed training due to illness. Tierney has been suffering from injuries for the past few seasons. And he’s lucky enough to get sick right before a game.

Kieran Tierney will miss Arsenal’s next match due to illness

The journalist shared why the player missed the recent Arsenal training session. shared watts, “Some absent. Not Kieran Tierney, still not sure why. Neither Trossard nor Nketiah, two players we know are injured at the moment, Nketiah with an ankle problem and Trossard with a groin problem he suffered against Bournemouth at the weekend. It doesn’t seem like it’s the worst injury so hopefully he’ll be back soon, but you’re not going to take any chances before Thursday night’s game.” He further continued, “A little more of an update we have. Kieran Tierney did not take part in today’s training and will not fly with the team. It’s not due to injury, it’s due to disease, I’m told. It’s a blow to him because this is a game we hoped Tierney would have started.”

The player would have been important in the Europa League match. Also, the Gunners are always looking to rotate their bench for these types of matches. Therefore, Kieran Tierney could have started the game. But now it seems very unlikely to happen since the player is sick.

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Kieran Tierney misses Arsenal training ahead of their match


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