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Jorginho shared in his current interview why he left chelsea. He revealed that he was no longer included in Chelsea’s plans. Jorginho, therefore, signed for Arsenal in less than 48 hours. He joined the Gunners side on the deadline day of the January transfer window. His contract with Chelsea expired at the end of the season. Also, he joined his Premier League rivals because Arsenal provided him with a better project. He had also admitted that Mikel Arteta was one of the reasons he joined the Gunners from the Blues. The incorporation of Jorginho has benefited the whole of Arsenal. The Italian has brought a winning mentality to the locker room. The Gunners are currently at the top of the League table. They also seem very confident in their playing style, as the ambition is clear to the players.

Jorginho talks about joining Arsenal from Chelsea

During his first interview for Arsenal, Jorginho shared his reason for leaving Chelsea. He shared that Arteta was one of the main reasons he switched to the red side of London. The Italian shared,

“It is one of the reasons, surely, he called me and it was all very fast, we made the deal in less than 48 hours. He had spoken with Chelsea and knew that it was no longer part of his plans. I wanted to progress in my career and the Arsenal project suits me.”

He further added,

“It is a young team that plays football well and fits my characteristics. I considered all the scenarios and made the decision. Sometimes you have to accept when you stay out of a project and that things come to an end”.

The player was asked if the loss had dampened Arsenal’s title aspirations.


“No, if you look at the game, it was decided on the penalty benches, you can’t make certain mistakes against these champions at this level. We made mistakes and they punished us.”

Jorginho continued,

“After the game, I was confident because we played well, we forced Man City to play long balls and not many teams do that, which means we did good things. We were disappointed with the result and the mistakes, but we kept calm because we knew we had done a lot of good things. If we don’t believe in it now, then when?

The Italian signed a contract with the Gunners until 2024. He joined Arsenal from Chelsea at the January transfer window deadline.

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Jorginho reveals why he left Chelsea and joined Arsenal


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