In our little way of Appreciating you our loyal reader, we have launched two promos that will be rewarding you.

The promos are:

  1. Predict and Win promo
  2. Read and recharge promo

Predict and Win promo

Promoyou will have the chance of winning recharge cards of your choice network every week in our Predict and win Promo.

How to win

you will drop your prediction via comment in any game we drop for prediction, if your prediction is correct you get your Recharge card instantly, you can only drop your comment on our site directly not via social media’s and you must be following us on two of this 3 social media’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be qualified to predict.

Our prediction rules are: You will predict the exact match scores, then the first player to score in that match.

To participate in the Predict and Win promo. CLICK HERE

Read and recharge promo


In our read and recharge promo you don’t have to predict any match to win, in fact anybody can be a winner.

How to win

We will be dropping Recharge cards in 4 out of any amount of post we drop in a day, you just have to stay connected to all our posts for the day to win.

That is, ensure you read all our stories for the day ,so you will be able to see the recharge card and be the first to load it.

Note: we are dropping recharge cards for all networks, so we are dropping four in a day. 4 recharge cards embedded inside any four post. If you are the one that got the card kindly a comment below the post that you saw the card to indicate that you have loaded it, thanks.