Adam Johnson might serve more jail terms after being caught on camera telling fellow inmates: : ‘I Wish I’d Raped Her’

Adam Johnson

Former Sunderland forward, Adam Johnson who is serving six years for sexual activity with a high school teenager of 15, has been taped telling inmates he wishes he’d assaulted his victim.

In a video inside the correctional facility, the kindred inmate calls attention that he didn’t confer sexual assault on the teenager.

Johnson chuckles: “I wish I f***ing did for six years.”

He likewise makes unrefined and crude boobs signal about the young lady.

As indicated by sources, his expectations of a release are eventually over. The former Manchester city prodigy was imprisoned for prepping, kissing and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old kid, told members of the jury at his trial he was “embarrassed” by his actions.

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In any case, in a shocking video recorded in the slammer by inmates, defiant Johnson faulted his big name Premier League status for landing him in prison — and rejected his wrongdoings as “f*** all”.

When asked by fellow inmates what might have happened if he was that he was “Joe Public”, he stated:

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“I would have got a caution at the police station. They won’t have charged.”

The stunning six-minute tape believed to have been shot in the pantry at HMP Moorland ignite an immediate run of the investigation by prison chiefs.

Inmate: “To what extent you got, six years int ya?”

Johnson: “yeah”

Inmate: “And you never at any point f***ed the bird?”

Johnson (giggling): “I didn’t even get my c**k out.”

Inmates: “it’s not like you f***ing assaulted her or owt like that?”

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Johnson (giggling): “No, I wish I f***ing did for six years.”

Johnson was, however, found liable for the charge a year ago of sexual assault with a child in connection to getting together with the besotted teenage girl in his Range Rover in County Durham in January 2015.

The England international might get more jail terms for this new development, this as not been yet yet, it is just my own hunch.

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